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What is Search Engine Optimization?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the art and science of getting your website found on search engines (Google, Yahoo, and Bing). The goal of optimizing your website for search engines is to improve your keyword rankings which will bring more traffic to your website to hopefully generate more leads and sales. While Google is the holy grail of search engines, your SEO strategies should not be just focused on Google.

SEO Packages

All of our website builds come with foundational SEO setup, known as SEO Essentials. For a more robust strategy, our SEO Boost provides an outline for ongoing strategy to further establish your authority and increase search engine rankings.

SEO Assessment

Our SEO Assessment is a high-level overview of a your website's performance in organic searches. It looks at the most critical elements of your site and provides an overview of any opportunities your site may have to help it gain more traction and SEO results.

If you already have a website that has been online for awhile, but you are not getting the traffic you would like, our SEO Assessment will show you where your website currently ranks and will provide you with a plan to success. While our assessment is not a required first step, if you are new to the world of SEO, this is our recommended start.

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Essential Installation

For the entrepreneur who thrives in the creative space, but doesn't have the bandwidth to deal with the technical aspects of building their own website.

If you're looking for a "done-with-you" service where you maintain creative control over your website, our Essential installation is for you. 

With this service, we will take care of installing your template on your WordPress site and personalize it using your brand guidelines.

With a solid foundation set, you'll be able to have complete creative control and make changes down the line as needed.

Template installation
Add your brand colors
Add your content & images
Access to training library

Elite Installation

Ideal for the busy professional, our Elite installation allows for a more customized experience without the time investment of a fully custom design.

When you're busy building your business, you don't have time to worry about building your website. If you want to spend your time focusing on your business and not your website, then our Elite installation is for you.

When you select this package, we provide a one-of-a-kind experience. Once you select your template, we work with you to customize it to your unique brand. 

From fonts and colors to layouts, we've got your covered.

Wordpress Installation
Template installation
Add your brand colors
Add your content & images
edit content for clarity
foundational seo
payment plans are available