Millenial Empowerment

Coach Wil is a dedicated education advocate and a compassionate youth mentor. He collaborates closely with school administrators to tackle behavioral challenges among students and also plays a crucial role in enhancing the skills and effectiveness of the teaching staff, enabling them to engage more effectively with the student body.

Operating under his mentoring and coaching company, Millennial Empowerment, Coach Wil provides tailored on-site training sessions that run throughout the school year. He diligently monitors the progress of his clients and maintains various follow-up methods to measure their success.


The Problem

For the last three years, Coach Wil has been collaborating with school administrators to address behavioral issues in schools, emphasizing the development of vital life skills in students. As his work expanded to more schools, parents, teachers, and education professionals frequently asked for his contact information. Lacking a website, he would share his phone number and explain his services on the spot. He soon recognized the need for a central online platform that offers comprehensive information about his program and a convenient way to reach out to him.

The solution

During our meeting with Coach Wil and his VA, we gained a clear understanding of his target clientele and the specifics of his program for school-aged children. By utilizing our tailored client questionnaire and the resources provided by Coach Wil, we created a brochure website that emphasized his advocacy and distinctive mentoring approach. Furthermore, Wil opted to engage our copywriting services to ensure his messaging was in line with his objectives and brand.

The result

Coach Wil and Millennial Empowerment have embarked on the journey to establish a distinctive online presence in the coaching and mentoring arena. They now have a user-friendly website that Coach Wil can confidently share when providing information about his program. The website is also flexible for future expansion to accommodate his growing business and offerings, a crucial aspect for any enterprise.

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