From Unorganized to Sleek: Mavi Be Inspired's Dramatic Redesign
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DIY website builders have allowed many small business owners to get their business online without the time and investment of a professional web designer. While these builders are beneficial to some, they can sometimes be quite difficult to work with if you do not have an understanding of design concepts and web functionality. For online boutique, Mavi Be Inspired owner, Mavala, this was a firsthand experience.
The Problem
After years of having a website that did not reflect her brand, Mavi Be Inspired owner, Mavala, was ready to grow her business. She realized she needed a newly designed site to align with the new offerings she was planning, such as personal styling and subscription boxes. Despite her many years in the online boutique space, her website failed to properly display her personal style. There was no clear call-to-action. Images frequently overlapped text throughout the website, and it was not mobile responsive. This made it extremely difficult, and in some cases impossible, for customers to navigate the website, view the inventory, and make purchases. To ensure her website aligned with her vision and would be best suited to help her meet her business goals, she enlisted the help of The Pier Collective Web Design Studio.
The Solution
The Pier Collective Web Design Studio worked collaboratively with Mavala to understand the goals of her business. Once we had a thorough understanding of her goals, we were able to offer a design strategy that would allow her website to shine. The entire online store was rebuilt to ensure design consistency throughout. In the absence of decorative photos, beautiful stock photos were sourced to help bring the design together. A new, sleek, text-based logo was created to align with the minimalistic style Mavala desired. Great care was given to every aspect of the design including placement of the the lead generating popup, to the double border on the category buttons. This attention to detail is what really made ths site redesign pop.
The Result
Once the website redesign was complete, Mavi Be Inspired's customers were met with a new, easier-to-navigate experience. All items in the store's inventory were now prominently and strategically displayed in a way that drives sales. Mavala had a new section on her website that outlined her new personal styling service, with the ability to schedule and pay for the service on the website. Calls-to-action were placed properly throughout the website and text and images were aligned and spaced evenly throughout. The website also now bolsters an equally satisfying mobile experience thanks to the responsiveness of the design.
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